Carib Brewery

Carib Brewery

Trinidad & Tobago

This is how it all began; this is the heart of our history. Sir Gerald Wight, founder of the Caribbean Development Company (CDC), ensured that the production process, which was based on the European-Continental method of brewing with our own twist, was mastered before the company’s flagship beverage, Carib Lager Beer was sold in 1950. In fact CDC still produces the perfect lager today because our formula continues to include the best ingredients, unwavering quality and constant innovation.

Today Carib Brewery boasts a portfolio that includes Beer, Malt, Stout and Soft Drinks. We produce Carib, Carib Light, Stag, Pola and Pola Light, Shandy Carib, Mackeson and Guinness as well as the following nonalcoholic brands; Ginseng-Up, Malta Carib, Malta Carib Ultra, Smalta Smalta Smiles – over 1,200,000 hectoliters of product every year.

Our acute insight into what our consumers enjoy has also inspired us to form partnerships with international companies such as Heineken International B.V., Diageo and Ginseng Up Corporation. As a result Heineken, Guinness Stout, Ginseng Up and Smirnoff Ice are also part of our portfolio.