A Taste of the Guinness Journey Through The Ages

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is a full flavoured beer, born of a thirst for adventure. Arthur Guinness was an explorer. He explored the senses. He explored taste. He explored texture. And of course, he was determined to explore pastures new and afar. In the early 1800s, Guinness struck out into unchartered territories to export our distinctive beer across the globe. Brewed with extra hops to preserve the beer in the ships’ holds during 4-5 week voyages in topical climates, the recipe yielded a powerful drink with bold character. Originally known as West India Porter, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout has evolved through the ages, but its soul has stayed the same. Pack your bags, whet your lips and dive in.
Alcohol 7.5%
Calories 125
Carbs 10g
Fat 0g


Of European origin, it has a pale, golden straw color with a rich head formation, subtly aromatic

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