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Heineken + Heineken Light

Open your world with Heineken, the most premium international beer brand in the world that is available in over 170 countries. Heineken has long-running partnerships with sports, music and film to be present when memories are made and conversations are being had. It has been a long-standing sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, a global, premier sporting event as well as the Rugby Worldcup and the US Open. In 2012, it extended its 15-year partnership with the iconic ‘Bond’ brand and sponsors music festivals and events. Heineken is recognised for its exemplary design and for breaking new ground in its approach to marketing with sustainability as one of its main priorities as is evident in their ‘Brewing a Better World Programme’.

Wherever you go it’s always nice to see something you recognise; the green bottle, the red star and the smiling ‘e’, telling you instantly what’s inside: cold, fresh, quality Heineken enjoyed around the world since 1873. This crisp, metallic gold lager is made from the purest ingredients – 100% barley malt; choice hops and pure water and promises nothing but the most invigorating experience.

Heineken was introduced to Trinidad & Tobago in the early 1950s but since 2012 Carib Brewery Limited has been the official distributor for the Heineken brand. Consumers can enjoy Heineken in 250ml cans, 300ml bottles, 330 ml club bottles and draught.

Nutritional Facts:
Alcohol by Volume: 5%

Heineken Light

We are pleased to introduce Heineken Light, winner of the THE BEST TASTING LIGHT BEER in both the 2013 and 2014 WORLD BEER CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Our Product
Like all beers, Heineken Light is mostly made of water. However, unlike other light lagers, it doesn’t taste like it: Water combined with malted barley provides the foundation for our beer aroma, flavour and colour. Then 2 unique ingredients turn this blend into the Best

Tasting Light Beer
A flavour profile worthy of The Best Tasting Light Beer doesn’t just happen on its own – it requires expert brewmasters, with a dedication to quality ingredients. Our brewmasters add the same proprietary “A-Yeast” that gives Heineken Lager its signature flavour.

All Natural
We’ve gone to great lengths to craft Heineken Light using nothing but natural, quality ingredients. That means no filler grains, no colouring, no preservatives, and absolutely no GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Heineken Light in Trinidad & Tobago
Heineken Light comes directly from Zoeterwoude, our main brewery in Holland and is available in 330ml non-returnable bottles and 250ml cans. It has an ABV 0f 3.3% and has 67 calories (per 250ml). We are extremely excited by this extension to the Heineken Brand Family and we encourage you to enjoy Heineken Light responsibly. Heineken Light, The Best Tasting Light.