Carib Brewery

Carib Brewery

Shandy Carib

It’s been too long since you’ve spent time with your favourite people and are in the midst of them all at a get together at your home. You’re pleasantly overwhelmed by the cornucopia of scents and sounds around you. Everyone has walked with their favourite dish and roars of laughter can be heard from across the street. As you clink your bottle of a ginger Shandy Carib ginger with your father’s bottle of sorrel Shandy Carib, you take a moment to relish the memories being made.

The following weekend, deep-blue waves are in front of you, golden sand is sinking beneath your feet and your gaze is fixed upon the horizon. While sipping on a lime Shandy Carib, the crisp sea breeze whispers sweet nothings into your ear. The stress of a hectic week is washed away as the foam of the surf tickles your feet and then playfully retreats. This rejuvenating break is exactly what you needed!

A great lager beer is by itself a treasure but a great beer combined with the zing of ginger, the festive and spicy sweetness of sorrel or the revitalizing kick of lime creates winning and classic combinations. This is what the Carib brewery introduced in 1985 – an instant classic. The authentic taste of this light alcoholic beverage is a consumer favourite because its delightful and unique burst of flavours reconnects consumers with fun and memorable times with family and friends.

Shandy Carib (ALL Flavours)
Alcohol by Volume – not more than 1.2%