ANSA McAL and Globus Spirits Limited unveil joint venture, GLOBUS ANSA Private Limited

ANSA McAL Limited proudly announces a strategic partnership with Globus Spirits Limited, a distinguished player in India’s alcoholic beverages industry. Together they introduce Globus ANSA Private Limited, a dynamic joint venture merging cultures and expertise. This collaboration represents a momentous milestone in our journey, one that will revolutionise the beer industry in India, with the iconic Carib® brand proudly leading the charge.   

With a brewing heritage of over 70 years, the Carib® brand embodies a legacy of excellence and unwavering commitment to quality. As we sought to expand into the Indian market, it was imperative to find partners who shared our dedication to maintaining the integrity of the Carib® brand. Thus, we are honoured to embark on this journey alongside Globus Spirits Limited.

This partnership marks the dawn of a new era in the Indian alcoholic beverages industry. Globus ANSA Private Limited will specialise in the manufacturing and distribution of alcoholic beverages across the Indian subcontinent, leveraging the strengths and expertise of both Globus Spirits and ANSA McAL.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Shekhar Swarup, Managing Director of Globus Spirits Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with ANSA McAL, a company with an illustrious history and a reputation for excellence in the Caribbean. This joint venture represents a strategic alignment of our shared vision to offer premium quality products to consumers across India. We are confident that the synergy between our organisations will drive innovation and growth in the Indian alcoholic beverages market.”

Mr. Anthony N Sabga III, Group Chief Executive Officer of ANSA McAL, echoed these sentiments, stating, “ANSA McAL is thrilled to partner with Globus Spirits Limited in this exciting venture. India presents immense opportunities for expansion, and we are confident that our collaboration will allow us to seize the growing demand for high-quality beverages by captivating palates with our distinctive products. By leveraging our combined resources and expertise, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value to both consumers and stakeholders”.

The establishment of Globus ANSA Private Limited underscores the commitment of both Globus Spirits Limited and ANSA McAL to drive innovation, foster growth, and create lasting value in the Indian alcoholic beverages industry. As the joint venture embarks on this exciting journey, it is poised to redefine the consumer experience and set new benchmarks for excellence. Moreover, with the inclusion of license manufacturing of Carib® in India, we solidify our dedication to expanding our global footprint while upholding the legacy of quality that has defined the Carib® brand.

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