Carib Brewery

Carib Brewery

Rahim Mohammed

RAHIM MOHAMMED – ‘The All-rounder’
Sector Human Resource Manager – Carib Brewery Limited
Appointed January 2014
Favourite CBL Beverage: Ginseng Up Lemon Lime – “Ultimate refreshment without a doubt.”

“I would like to leave a legacy of ‘transformational’ leadership and accountability with employees at all levels. I want to create a culture where the core values are not only infused in our daily operations but extend beyond the walls of the company. Each employee must feel that their contribution is important to the organisation’s success and that they in turn are valued. This will be seen in the way we do things and people will know Carib employees and Carib products for their quality.”

During my first year at CBL, I have seen cross-functional relationships among divisions strengthen to the point where HR is seen as a business partner and is an integral part of the organisation and strategic decision making. I see a culture of hard-work, dedication and loyalty within the company which is reflected in the high and consistent level of quality in which all products are made. Our marketing and branding strategies are also able to position and establish CBL’s products as top-of-mind in the market. This is why I am certain that over the next five decades, we will become a global powerhouse within the beverage industry. The company is constantly innovating and capturing new markets and with a current portfolio of exceptional brands, world-class manufacturing standards, equipment and exceptional marketing talent, the company is on track to attain this goal.