Carib Brewery

Carib Brewery

Carla Furlonge-Walker

Marketing Director – Carib Brewery Limited
Appointed 1997
Favourite CBL Beverage: Stag – “A Man’s Beer… for a Woman in ‘A Man’s World’.”

“I desire to leave behind a legacy that I was Passionate about the company, its brands and its people! Always striving for beyond excellence!”

On my very first day at CBL, eighteen years ago, I was overwhelmed by the size of the organisation and at the same time I was impressed by the diversity of the employees and their competencies. It has been a fruitful tenure so far filled with insurmountable knowledge and experience and I strongly feel that I am a part of a ‘big wheel in motion’, playing a role in charting the future of our organization and sharing this with our employees. I believe that it is the culture of CBL – committed, driven and proud that makes our company and products superior. We offer quality that stands up to world-class beverages and are moulded by ‘Best in Class’ brand equity management and brand marketing. I envision that by the time CBL is 100 years old that it will be a well-established global beverage company and ranked in the top ten worldwide for its brands and brewers.