Carib Brewery

Carib Brewery

Margaret Harvey

Strategy Development Director – Carib Brewery Limited
Appointed 2012
Favourite CBL Beverage: Heineken “It’s practically part of my DNA having started drinking over 21 years ago!”

“I would like to see the continuous growth of the Heineken brand. I would also like to have contributed significantly to the improved skill set and knowledge in the commercial areas.”

When I started working at the Brewery, Heineken had only just been added to Carib Brewery’s beverage portfolio and I noticed a perception that the brand was a separate entity to the brewery. Now, however, Heineken and the Heineken team are completely integrated into the Carib Brewery family. This is clearly demonstrated by the volunteered support my team receives from all arms of the organization for our large events like the Champions League final viewing party. I believe that we work for a company that is driven and passionate and I am surrounded by colleagues who have a thirst for knowledge. I accredit the superiority of Carib Brewery to its award-winning products, the heritage of the brands and the freshness of the product that reaches consumers. I hope that by the time Carib Brewery is 100 years old that it will be an even stronger leading beverage company, built on innovation.